Welcome to Arizona Nevada Tower Corporation


Arizona Nevada Tower Corporation (ANTC), based in Las Vegas, Nevada has been developing rural tower assets in the desert southwest since 2003. ANTC specializes in providing wireless communication facilities in strategic locations throughout Nevada, including an existing network servicing more than 800 miles of rural Nevada highways. In addition, through its wholly owned subsidiary Westnet Nevada, LLC (Westnet), ANTC operates a carrier grade licensed backhaul system throughout its burgeoning network, providing broadband capabilities to carriers for exceptionally fast deployments.


With a highly qualified team and strategic relationships with crucial industry contacts, ANTC has developed an elite tower network in Nevada representing a seamless carrier coverage footprint and the necessary backhaul infrastructure for greater broadband Internet access on rural highways and in rural communities. ANTC is everywhere you need to be in Nevada and is poised for even greater growth in the years to come. We can meet your on-air requirements on time and under budget.