About Us


Since 2003, Arizona Nevada Tower Corporation (ANTC), based in Las Vegas, Nevada has specialized in providing wireless communication facilities in strategic locations throughout Nevada, developing network assets servicing hundreds of miles of rural highway, including the US-95 (which is soon to become Interstate 11) and US-93 NAFTA corridors leading out of Las Vegas. ANTC leases its facilities to carriers such as Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon & Commnet (ATNI), These carriers are increasingly sensitive to the high costs associated with network traffic management, and are eager to reduce recurring expenses through alternative backhaul solutions. Therefore, ANTC has recently expanded its carrier value by providing licensed backhaul service throughout its growing network.


By eliminating barriers in both challenging entitlements due to government land ownership and telco that is either antiquated or simply does not exist, carriers can collocate an ANTC site within weeks instead of years.


No other company can meet the carrier’s needs in rural Nevada like ANTC. No other company can deliver an integrated rural broadband network in Nevada capable of servicing both enterprise and retail services on a scale like ANTC. ANTC is rural Nevada broadband at is very best. To ANTC, “Home Means Nevada” in every way.